Kim Finnerty • September 11th, 2014
It’s no secret. Marketing has changed. To better understand the organizational factors driving positive results for companies in today’s technology-enabled marketing environment, we partnered with Econsultancy to complete field research and to find out how the digital marketing capabilities of the Global 1,000 have evolved. 
Michael Miller • September 4th, 2014
When I get groceries at Stop & Shop, I never buy olives. So based on my consumer behavior, Stop & Shop has likely assumed that I dislike olives and hence never markets them to me. But the company may be surprised to learn that I’m SO keen on olives, I purchase them at a specialty market where I can buy them in bulk.
Joe Disharoon • August 28th, 2014
Gaining a customer’s loyalty is crucial to a brand’s success. And having a brand that meets your needs and that you love and understand is something most shoppers want. Like I said recently in Loyalty360, Norm, Cliff and friends were loyal to Cheers not only because everyone knew their name but because the staff knew them personally. 
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