Joe Disharoon • August 28th, 2014
Gaining a customer’s loyalty is crucial to a brand’s success. And having a brand that meets your needs and that you love and understand is something most shoppers want. Like I said recently in Loyalty360, Norm, Cliff and friends were loyal to Cheers not only because everyone knew their name but because the staff knew them personally. 
Mike Lund • August 21st, 2014
At the start of a new football season, all rankings are reset, rosters refreshed and players reinvigorated. The underdog can win just as easily as last year’s frontrunner. Statistically, anything is possible. 
John Bartold • August 15th, 2014
In my previous post, Loyalty Levers and the Pattern Trifecta, I defined three elements that are critical to building loyalty between a consumer and a brand: Value, Brand and Dialogue.  
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