First Glimpse of A 'Brand' New View

First Glimpse of A 'Brand' New View
Bryan Kennedy • July 12th, 2011

For over forty years, Epsilon has brought together data, creative talent and technology to help brands create meaningful experiences for consumers.  The challenges marketers face today have evolved significantly over the last four decades, as consumers have taken control of the marketing dialogue, communication channels have multiplied, and privacy debates have taken on new intensity.  And in the middle of all that, marketers are dealing with new levels of consumer concern over data security as documented in the swath of high profile attacks hitting the headlines this year.  

The recent incident at Epsilon prompted our initiative to step forward in the industry and begin developing a new set of common standards around privacy and security that bring together major marketing providers and strengthen consumer confidence and protection.  We deeply regret the incident and its impact on our clients and their customers.

Today we unveil our new blog, A “Brand” New View, where we’ll share our expertise on a variety of wide-ranging marketing topics, including subjects like security and privacy issues.  Here, we'll help you figure out where and how to succeed with customers and introduce you to the experts within our organization who work with the largest global brands in the world.  Every week we will post our viewpoint on a timely marketing topic, opportunity or challenge that our clients face. You’ll hear from Epsilon experts spanning industry verticals—from consumer packaged goods to financial services — and across marketing channels—from direct mail to email to online display. 

We hope that every marketer, no matter what industry you work in or where you invest your marketing dollars, will find something of value on A “Brand” New View

Our goal is to create a meaningful dialogue that will continue to push the marketing industry forward for another forty years and help us better understand the industry challenges and opportunities.

Stay tuned for more commentary on A “Brand” New View and connect with us on Twitter and Linkedin.