Online Privacy and Targeted Advertising

Online Privacy and Targeted Advertising
Epsilon Corp • September 29th, 2011

TRUSTe & Harris Interactive conducted a survey in July asking US adults to share their views of privacy and online display advertising (ODA).  The results show consumer comfort levels are increasing.  As online marketers, it’s our job to continuously educate the consumer on the benefits of OBA to increase this comfort level.

Often consumers are not aware of the many benefits of targeted advertising.  There is a misconception that advertisers gather personal information over the internet about a consumer and use it to display ads.  In reality, most online behavioral advertising involves advertisers utilizing web technologies to gather anonymous user information and then summarizing this information into interest categories and using it to deliver more relevant ads to the consumer.  The net benefits to the consumer are that they can continue to browse these popular internet sites for free as they remain funded by advertising spend and consumers receive more relevant ads, rather than ads that may be of no interest.


Epsilon wants to make data driven advertising successful for the marketer and the consumer; let us show you how.

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* This post was written by our previous Privacy Manager.