‘Tis the Season for Email Marketing

‘Tis the Season for Email Marketing
Jill LeMaire Redo • July 22nd, 2011

We all know that the holiday season is a favorite time for email marketers.  Often, this is the time you’re focused on meeting your revenue goals for the year.  Email is a perfect lever for last-minute gifts, coupons and offers, reminders and to drive revenue online and offline. In addition, targeting consumers with relevant email messages based on behavior and stated preferences is very effective and cost efficient.  However, that doesn’t give us the right to bombard subscribers with unrelenting emails in the fourth quarter until they buy from us.   

Today Epsilon released the 2011 Holiday Trend Report, which provides key findings from the 2010 holiday season.  Based on the trends and metrics of different channels, weeks and days of week, the report offers tips to help marketers have a successful holiday season this year.    

Two important points made in the report were: (1) get an early start on the season, and (2) don’t neglect the post holiday season.  

Our data indicated spikes in conversion in the month of October for several years now.  William-Sonoma takes advantage of this early spike with their Thanksgiving cookdown campaign, which began on November 4th.  The retailer counted down to the end of their guaranteed delivery with standard shipping—well ahead of the holiday which created a sense of urgency. 

Bare Escentuals also got a head start on the holiday season with this “Get first dibs on holiday” email.  The cosmetics company began promotions on October 5th along with a “sneak peak.” 


Marketers should include a strategy for the post-holiday surge in their holiday planning as we’ve seen email open rates climb in the weeks after Christmas.  This email from Land’s End, which went out one January 1, continues the holiday imagery and features women’s activewear. Ideally a separate message was sent to male recipients targeting them with a relevant offer for men’s activewear.  In the bottom right corner the email promotes the Winter End’s sale taking place online and in-store, encouraging offline transactions as well. 



For a deeper look at last year’s holiday trends and tips to improve your holiday season marketing strategy, download the 2011 Holiday Trend Report.